FIBA Rules - New Rules for 2020

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is the world basketball governing body. FIBA publishes the rule set that governs all aspects of the game Internationally. The primary rule set used by SJABO training is the 'Official Basketball Rules 2020'.

NLBA Rules

The Newfoundland and Labrador Basketball Association adapts some rules for local play. This is sometimes to create a fair play environment at the minor basketball levels. NLBA documents can be downloaded below or from the NLBA website.

Uniform & Undergarment Rules

The link below provides guidance from the Canada Basketball Officials Commission (CBOC) regarding the enforcement of rules related to uniforms, undergarments, jewellery and othe items worn by basketball players. In order to ensure player safety, it is in the best interests of leagues to refer to these rules when determining policies as to what can and can't be worn on the basketball court.

2019 CBOC Uniform and Undergarment Guidelines


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Official Basketball Rules 2020

Official Basketball Equipment 2020

2020 Rules With Yellow Track Changes

FIBA Summary of Rules Changes

CBOC Summary of Rules Changes

FIBA Official Interpretations

NLBA 2020 Game Regulations (Grades 4-12 & Club)

NLBA Game Modification Chart

NLBA Defence Handout